End of days

In 2095 near Hierapolis in Turkey, a manuscript is discovered in an ancient tomb. The Vatican proclaims it a true historical account of Jesus of Nazareth.

In part, this gospel says, "At the end of days, the Lord of Light will return to all the worlds of the universe. In each world, He will gather up the true believers, and lead them to this Earth ..."

The St. Philip Research Academy (SPRA) and its operational arm, the Alien Corps, are created to explore the universe for evidence of the approaching apocalypse. (Dust and Ashes tells the story of the discovery of the manuscript. It is available FREE to members of PJ's readers club.)

Almost a hundred years later, Hickory Lace is a lecturer at the SPRA, having been dismissed from the Corps several years earlier because of a failed mission. She is recalled to active service to investigate the volatile political situation on the strategically important world, Prosperine. Rumors about a miracle worker there are of interest to the Academy. Hickory’s superiors believe her unique empathic abilities and experience in dealing with alien cultures could prove pivotal. The rising figure known as the Teacher might be the proof the Academy has been searching for since a recent religious world war all but wiped out the human race.

The Planet Prosperine

But Earth isn't the only one interested in Prosperine. Hickory and her team uncover a plot by the non-aligned planets to start a revolution and seize its precious resources. The fate of many worlds is in the balance. Hickory needs to stop the rebel forces, discover what the Teacher is up to and decide whether he is a fraud—or perhaps the very person the Academy was created to find.

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