The End of Days

In the year 2095 near the town of Hierapolis in Turkey, an old priest excavates an ancient tomb and discovers a manuscript. The Vatican proclaim it is a true historical account of Jesus of Nazareth.

But can it be true, and what does it mean if it is? In part, the manuscript states that God will send "the Lord of Light" to all the inhabited worlds in the universe and this will be a sign of the End of Days.

And so, the Saint Philip Research Academy (SPRA) and its operational arm the Alien Corps are established. Their objective is to explore the universe for evidence of the approaching apocalypse. (Dust and Ashes tells the story of the discovery of the manuscript and it is available FREE on request to members of PJ's readers club. Sign up here.)

Almost a hundred years later, Hickory Lace is teaching at the SPRA having been sacked from the Corps because of an earlier failed mission.  She is recalled to active service to investigate the volatile political situation on the strategically important world, Prosperine. Rumors of a revolution by fundamentalists are rife, and intelligence has reported an alien is working miracles. Hickory is selected because her superiors believe her unique empathic abilities and experience in dealing with alien cultures could prove pivotal. The alien miracle worker might even provide the proof the Academy has been searching for ever since a recent religious world war all but wiped out humanity.
Alien Planet

The Planet Prosperine

Planet Earth is in jeopardy. Its future depends on the Surfboard® FTL technology—a faster-than-light engine powered by the rare metal, crynidium. Prosperine is one of the only places in the galaxy it can be found in abundance.

The rebels are poised to seize control of Prosperine’s government and the alien messiah is causing them concern. More is at stake here than Earth’s trading supremacy because If the miracle worker turns out to be genuine, it could signal the end for all life in the galaxy.

Hickory Lace and her team head to the Northern continent of Avanaux to investigate.

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