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Hi! If you’ve arrived at this page, my guess is you enjoy reading young adult fiction – especially science fiction. I’ve written eBooks, paperback novels, and short stories in several genres. Mainly, I write science fiction adventure books and fantasy novels, coming-of-age novels, and short stories for young adult readers. You can find my published books on most online book websites.

I’ve included links to the most popular sites, like Google, Amazon, and Apple on this page. Click on any of the book covers below to view its description, price, buy links, and sample chapters.

Fractured Prophecy is Book IV in the Alien Corps Series, and it’s a great stand alone adventure. But if you want to start from the beginning, pick up a copy of the Alien Corps, because

from time to time, I offers books free or at bargain prices, and

Right now, The Alien Corps, Book 1 in the Prosperine Series, is FREE at all online stores! Click on The Alien Corps cover to reveal the link to your favorite supplier. Then download your free eBook.

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Note, for other books, it is always good practice to check the current price at your retail store of choice before buying.

The four books of the Prosperine Series have proven to be my most popular. The Alien Corps, for example, has over 200 reviews on Amazon with an average of 4.1 stars out of 5. It has been downloaded thousands of times. Similar results can be seen on Apple and Google.

Although there is a market for my writing, like other authors I find it hard to define. So, if you are able to help me, I’d be very grateful! It seems simple, doesn’t it. I write science fiction. But there are so many sub genres ranging from Military Sci-Fi, Adventure, Romance, near future, far future, Christian, religious, cyberpunk, dystopian, space opera, steampunk, to name a few!!!

I hope you enjoy perusing my website, and will pass on the good word to friends and relatives.

Check back in a few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll have some news on book five in the series!



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