Classic SciFi Novels & Mags

I used to collect sci-fi magazines when I was a teenager. I’d keep them in a drawer in my bedroom, and take them out every night to look at them. They were awesome. When I was married and moved out, the magazines stayed behind. My wife and I emigrated to Australia and started our family. Later when I started to write Science Fiction, I went back to Scotland looking for them. Needless to say they had been placed in the garbage many years before.

“Science fiction is the most important literature in the history of the world, because it’s the history of ideas, the history of our civilization birthing itself. …Science fiction is central to everything we’ve ever done, and people who make fun of science fiction writers don’t know what they’re talking about.”

― Ray Bradbury

“Science fiction is exciting, colourful, adventurous, and one of the most creative outlets an author can have. Also, it’s fun.”

― PJ McDermott


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