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Spies on an Alien Planet
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The Alien Corps
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Spies on an Alien Planet!

Earth’s galactic supremacy depends on the Surfboard®, an engine capable of faster-than-light travel. The Surfboard employs a metallic power source called crynidium which is found in abundance on only one planet—Prosperine.

The owner of the Surfboard patent, the Intragalactic Agency, is currently negotiating with Prosperine’s government to secure exclusive mining rights for the metal. Trouble looms on two fronts: rebels are poised to seize control of Prosperine’s government, and an alien messiah is creating a disturbance.

Hickory Lace and her team are sent to investigate and discover more is at stake than Earth’s trading supremacy. If the miracle worker turns out to be genuine, it could signal the end, not only for humanity, but for all life in the galaxy.

® Registered Trade Mark of the Intragalactic Agency