Coming of age in Scotland (Tianyi’s Story)

Not many migrants from China, or elsewhere, settled in Scotland during the sixties. (I remember my surprise and delight when, on my last visit, in 2010, the proprietor of a Glasgow Indian restaurant spoke to us in broad Glaswegian!) Attitudes are changing, but Scots tend to want to keep Scotland to themselves, guarding their customs fiercely.…

PJ McDermott, author of Caught in the Long Grass

Author PJ McDermott chose the town of Paisley, just south of Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland, as the setting for his number one bestselling book, Small Fish Big Fish. The action takes place during the nineteen sixties and tells the story of the rather naive seventeen-year-old Stephen McBride, and his battle to free himself from the clutches of his psychopathic neighbor, Archie Stewart.