Rise of the Erlachi: Book 2 in the Prosperine Series

Rise of the Erlachi: Book 2 in the Prosperine Series
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Series: The Prosperine Trilogy
Genres: adventure, Science Fiction, Space Opera
Tags: adventure, alien, planet, Recommended Books, space opera, star, sword, trilogy, war
Publisher: Patrick McDermott Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: eBOOK
Length: Novella
ISBN: 9780994307101

The high-tech sword of the long dead heroine, Connat-sèra-Haagar lies hidden in a remote corner of the planet Prosperine. Alarm bells clamor within the Galactic Alliance when a Bikashi jet is spotted in the area. The sword is a symbiotic weapon that bestows great power on any who wield it and in the hands of the Bikashi Empire, it would pose a dangerous threat to Earth.

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About the Book


Six months after defeating the rebel alliance, Hickory Lace and her team are back on the medieval planet, Prosperine. The mystical Sword of Connat-sèra-Haagar has been stolen and Hickory must find and return it to its home in the Temple of Balor.

The search takes Hickory deep into the mountains of Erlach where the rebel leader, Sequana, has overthrown the rightful king and is rallying the northern tribes to war.

Hickory’s team must find a way to restore the king to his throne, and rescue the mysterious Teacher from Sequana’s dungeons. Only then can they hope to defeat Sequana and win back the Sword.

Rise of the Erlachi is a novella, book 2 in the scifi-fantasy adventure series featuring commander Hickory Lace of the Alien Corps.

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