Doris and the Demon

Doris and the Demon

Fifteen-year-old Doris thinks she is the unluckiest girl in the world. Find out what happens when an angel says he can fix that.

An irreverent short story from the author of Sting Like a Butterfly.

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About the Book

Doris Petty feels sure she is the most unfortunate fifteen-year-old girl in the world. She doesn’t have a best friend. In truth, she can’t remember ever having had any real friends; she’s never invited to a sleepover or a birthday party, and she knows for a fact her parents don’t love her. After all, they’d never taken her to Disneyland or brought her a pet to play with. Nor did they read stories to her when she was young like normal parents do, and they squabbled and bickered all day long, placing the blame for their unhappy state squarely on the shoulders of their only child.

Doris was indeed “a most unattractive girl,” as her mother often pointed out. Her father said she was “a plain Jane,” with a shake of the head and the sort of look on his face that suggested he thought it was a lot worse than that.

Perhaps, if it was only her pimples and doubtful hygiene, Doris might have become a classical violinist, or a best-selling author, or a renowned artist where such things are common, but unfortunately Doris shows none of the qualities required for genius…

Genre: Fantasy
Tags: angel, humor, short stories
Length: short story
ISBN: 9780994307194
List Price: $0.99
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Doris and the Demon
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