The Alien Corps (Book 1 of Prosperine)

The Alien Corps (Book 1 of Prosperine)


"Creative imagination at its best. Interesting characters, lots of action, a light sprinkling of mysterious super powers, creatures of unbelievable evil , and an interesting balance between war and it's cruelties and love for all beings" ....Amazon Reader

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About the Book

A sci-fi adventure with likable characters, heroic deeds, and amazing worlds!

The Galactic Alliance built an empire on the back of its Surfboard® FTL technology. But their reliance on a rare catalyst to achieve light speed has left the G.A. vulnerable. For years, their enemies have sought to gain an advantage by stirring up dissent on the Alliance planets located on the galactic rim. When an alien is reported to be performing miracles on Prosperine, the G.A. hierarchy sense something pivotal is about to take place.

They send in the Alien Corps’ Hickory Lace to investigate. Hickory and her team touch down on a hostile alien world where war is set to explode, and a rebel leader is threatening to return the planet to its barbaric past. But all is not as it first appears.

If you enjoy the classic scifi stories of Asimov, Herbert, Heinlein, and Anderson, you’ll love The Prosperine Series.

Books in the Prosperine Series:

Prelude: Born of Fire (also available as an audio book)

Book 1: The Alien Corps (also available as an audio book)

Book 2: Rise of the Erlachi

Book 3: The Scarf

Book 4: Fractured Prophecy

Series: Prosperine, Book 1
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Tags: adventure, novel, planet, Recommended Books, space opera, star, trilogy, war
Publisher: Patrick McDermott Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Format: paperback, e-Book, and audiobook
Length: 300 pages
Narrator: Lisa Negrón
Illustrator: Lauren MacGregor
ISBN: 9780994307170

List Price: 10.99
eBook Price: FREE!
Audiobook Price: 6.25