About the science fiction author…

Science Fiction author, PJ McDermott, was raised in a council housing estate in the town of Paisley in Scotland. Ferguslie Park was like many places in the west of Scotland at that time: bleak, rough and tough.

Marvel comics hero Spiderman. My first taste of science fiction and fantasy
I can remember reading this one when it came out in 1963. Wish I still had it!

A comic book store called ‘Yankee Mags’ helped him escape from reality in the rough suburb, and  later he graduated to the town library. Superman and Spiderman gave way to science fiction stories by the likes of Asimov, Herbert, Niven, Moorcock and Le Guin. (Although he still loves the superheroes.)


At twenty-seven, the author met a lass from Australia and pretty soon she convinced him to begin a new life in the antipodes. He is happily settled in Melbourne and has two children, Fiona and Gill, and three very naughty grandkids called Mia, Ryder and Ethan (not to forget Bonnie, his pet Spoodle.)

Mia wearing her penguin earrings, and surfer-boys, Ethan and Ryder.
Science fiction star, Bonnie.
Bonnie in the jaws of the crocodile (featured in Fractured Prophecy)

After a successful career in Marketing for Telstra, Yellow Pages and CPA Australia, PJ gave up the corporate life to concentrate on his writing, and produced the four-part science fiction series, Prosperine, as well as the coming-of-age fiction Small Fish Big Fish set in 1960’s Scotland. If you would like to know more about growing up in a tough neighborhood, read about it here: https://pj-mcdermott.com/small-fish-big-fish/