The Alien Corps Audiobook

Author:  PJ McDermott

Narrator:  Lisa Michelle Negron

Publisher:  Patrick McDermott Publishing

Alien Corps Audio Book

Earth’s galactic supremacy hinges on its faster-than-light Surfboard® technology. A liquid metal called Crynidium provides the power, and the medieval planet Prosperine is one of the few places it has been found.

Negotiations for exclusive mining rights are underway with Prosperine's government, but intelligence suggests a fundamentalist faction is planning to seize power. If they prevail, their manifesto is to return the planet to the Dark Ages.

The Alien Corps’ Hickory Lace and her team are sent to investigate.

Mystery, adventure, aliens, psi abilities, and a classic writing style that evokes Simak, Heinlein, and Anderson. A terrific story! Also available in paperback and eBook format.

® Registered Trade Mark of the Intragalactic Agency