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Fractured Prophecy

A spectacular new science fiction action adventure featuring Hickory Lace

Hickory thought The Teacher was the fulfillment of the prophecy behind the Alien Corps’ search for an extra-terrestrial messiah. Now she's on Earth recovering from the shock of his death.

She doesn’t get to rest up for long. The Bikashi have salvaged the Sword of Connat which was jettisoned from the Ark before it plunged into Prosperine’s sun.

The Admiral sends Hickory and her team to Auriga, the home planet of the Bikashi and steal it back. But the mission goes into a tailspin when the ship crashes onto the planet’s North Pole.

The team, led by their Bikashi guide, decide to journey to the capital by foot. Along the way, they rescue a young hominid named Anyar and discover a colony of enslaved humans.

When Earth’s politburo rejects Hickory’s proposal to free the slaves, she realizes something is seriously wrong on Earth.

 Hickory vows to save them anyway.

Release date: 6th June 2019

Fractured Prophecy is book 4 featuring the space heroine Hickory Lace. Read the first episode of the series, The Alien Corps, sign up to my Reader's club, and get the second part, Rise of the Erlachi, free!

Check out the Genesis of the Alien Corps here.

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