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My name is P.J. McDermott, and I've been reading SF ever since I picked up H.G. Wells' The Time Machine when I was ten years old.

Have you read it?

The main plot plays out hundreds of thousands of years into the future where Wells’ creations, the Eloi, and the Morlocks are juxtaposed to illustrate the themes that fascinated Wells at the time—fear of dark/light, the evolution of society into master and servant classes, and finally those who eat versus those who are eaten!

The Eloi

The Eloi are portrayed as a society of incurious, childlike adults living on a diet of fruit. This is generously provided while they sleep by an unknown benefactor. None of the Eloi question why, or who. People in this society also “disappear” overnight, but no-one is concerned by this either.

The Time Traveler believes the entire planet Earth has become a garden, with no sign of industry or engineering from the hundreds of thousands of years of history. He poses the question: is intelligence a result of, and response to, danger? Will humanity’s pursuit of leisure, at the expense of facing challenges, lead to our eventual decline into mind-numbing mediocrity and complacency? Could it be we will end up like the Eloi if we continue down our current path? I hope not, but you never know!

The Morlocks

Morlocks are ape-like creatures who live underground and surface only at night. They play on the reader’s fear of things that go bump in the night. However, as we delve deeper into the story, we also learn the Morlock farm and feed on the Eloi because no other means of sustenance is available.

Which would you rather be? Morlock, or Eloi?

That's the skill that H.G. Wells brings to his writing. He sucks you in with a terrific adventure and WHAM! he hits you with a great meaning of life question.

You can download ​The Time Machine from here. It is still a very readable book and a great introduction to science fiction for kids and adults alike.

So, what was the first book you ever read?

My mother was an avid reader and every year since I can remember, I'd wake on Christmas morning with a new book in my stocking. I'm not sure what the first was, but one that certainly made an impression was the 1956 Rupert Bear Annual, based on the UK Daily Express comic strip. I loved all the characters and the adventures the little bear got up to.

Later, as a teenager, I read adventure books day and night, so much so, that when I dodged school (Which I did most Friday mornings to avoid maths!) I'd go to the town library and trawl through a treasure trove of fabulous stories and pick out one by H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov, then settle down in a reader's chair to enjoy. Strangely, none of the librarians asked me why I wasn't at school!

If the classic writers engage you just as much as me, you're in the right place. You'll find my books are written in a similar style, and hopefully they will pose some interesting questions for you too!

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