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Jamie McCarthy has just turned seventeen. Already, he's struggling to understand what his life is about, how he fits in, and what his future might hold. He hopes one day to meet someone special, a girl with whom he can share his secret hopes, feelings, and doubts, but he's inexorably shy, and the girls in this neighborhood just aren't his type.

Jamie lives in a part of town where graffiti is daubed on walls, not as folk-art, but rather an expression of anger by those unlucky enough to live there. Until now though, he's managed to fly under the radar of the local gangs.But then Jamie spots some money lying on the floor of the grocers. He decides to keep it and heads to the fairground to have some fun.

What happens next sends the teenager's normally well-ordered life spinning out of control, and he finds himself on a pathway of escalating crime, driven by naivete and fear.

And somewhere along this road, he meets Sandy

Caught in the Long Grass is a powerful coming of age novel, a psychological thriller, and a moving story of family and young romance. Adults and older teenagers will love the authentic 20th century setting, the drama, and the suspense brought to life by this gritty biographical fiction.

4 May 2020

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