Hi, I'm PJ McDermott. Welcome to my website!

That's me in the photo. I was born into a family of staunch Catholics. As the eldest grandchild, I was doted on by my parents, grandparents, and a multitude of aunts and uncles.

By sixteen, like many other kids my age, I doubted the relevance of the church. That’s when I stopped going.

Over the years, I began to think something was missing in my life. Was it religion? I visited other Christian churches and sects, mainstream, evangelical, and charismatic, seeking answers to most young people's common questions.

I was fascinated by questions related to the existence of God. If He exists, why does he allow so much suffering and evil to exist? And what was God anyway – a man, a woman, neither, both? Is there life after death? Why am I here?

Did I find answers to these questions? Not really, but I didn’t stop looking. Something inside me insists I keep looking for the answers, so I write, hoping to find them.

If you’ve read any of my books, you’ll know they’re not religious texts. I don’t preach or offer advice. (If you knew how I grew up, you’d realize how ridiculous that sounds.)

The Alien Corps and others in the series have some supernatural content and they borrow heavily from my early Christian upbringing, but I fear they may be considered somewhat heretical.

On the other hand, if you are looking for great science fiction with lots of action, a kickass heroine with questions about where her life is heading, and a plot that makes you think, the Prosperine series of books may be just what you are looking for.